Pilates & Physical Education


“Pilates develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind and elevates the spirit." - Joseph Pilates

Are you new to pilates, experienced or somewhere in between, you are here in the right place.
The method PILATES was developed by its founder, Joseph Pilates. Pilates exercises and reinforces the profound muscles in the whole body and helps you the find the healthiest posture.
With pilates exercises the body’s core strength gets improved, which helps to release, strengthen or liberate tensions in the body.
Pilates is for everybody, no matter which age, body shape, or fitness. With our qualified teacher you will improve your posture and mobility including flexibility of the spine.

Chinese gymnastics

Chinese gymnastics, is an ancestral practice that allies flexibility, fluidity and strength. Chinese gymnastics are for those looking for a slow moving but strengthening discipline developing balance and fluidity.

Martial Arts for Adults

Judo was created in 1882 by Jigoro Kano and means Japanese Martial art. Literally, it means “the gentle way”. But it aims firstly at the flexibility of the mind. As of it’s high educational value, it is a great way to physical and psychological development. For children and adults, it is mainly through the moral code (sincerity, respect, courage, friendship, self-control, modesty, politeness and honour) that pedagogy will be oriented to a healthy practice and applicable in your daily life.

Self Defense

The Self Defense in martial arts is above all the base of survival, inspired by the animal kingdom.

The Self Defense is the source of modern martial art to teach the practitioner the tools of the art of attack / Defense. Through this combat technic you will become confident and find serenity in your daily life.

3 Learning areas:


If you would like to learn the art of combat through Self-Defense, it is a study to follow with application.


This simple and effective tool will let you work every muscle in your body through a suspension drive system that will give you spectacular results.

It improves your performance by reducing the risk of injury to stay in top form, whether you are at home, on the move, at the hotel, work, whatever your lifestyle. Based on a dynamic working principle, it combines the efforts related to the suspension of the body weight and strength of straps attached to a high point. It allows a proprioceptive awareness of the environment and of his own body and improves functional strength.