Our Teachers

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” ― William Arthur Ward

Alicia Anka

Alicia Anka found yoga twenty odd years ago when she stumbled upon a free month of yoga and meditation at a spiritual center in San Diego, California. She had been looking for something that would feed her spiritual side, as well as help her with chronic back pain, and yoga proved to do both. She soon found that with a consistent practice, she could do everything in her life with a new sense of awareness and presence that she did not have before, whether it be going on a run, working out in the gym, spending time with family or studying. And as it opened her body, it opened her heart and mind as well.
Over the years, she has had a dedicated practice of various types of yoga including: Bikram, Ashtanga, Sivananda and Vinyasa Flow yoga. She is a certified Sivananda teacher, as well as kids yoga teacher, and has enjoyed participating in workshops and retreats with Shiva Rea, Christiane Kerr, Nico Luce and many other amazing teachers around the world.
In her kids classes, she strives to create a fun and supportive environment where kids can gain flexibility and strength while relieving stress, using their imaginations and building self-awareness and confidence, as well as a sense of community.
In her adult yoga classes, she uses a combination of everything she has learned throughout her own journey in yoga to help students get in touch with their bodies and breath, as well as their hearts, through a dynamic yet mindful practice.
She believes that yoga life-long journey, and creating a consistent yoga practice, as well as a mindfulness practice, can help people find a sense of inner peace and happiness within today’s chaotic world. She enjoys teaching because of the sense of community it brings to her life and feels that in giving, we truly receive.

Anastasia Rozhenko

Deeply convinced that yoga is life , Anastasia is dedicated to the each possibility that can lead to harmony and deeper understanding of it.
She did carefully studded Ayurvedic knowledge in India that can be applied in daily life with Hatha yoga practice ,Pranayama ( breath control) and Meditation as one of the important steps to maintain the purity of body and mined.
Anastasia is a student of Sri Anandi Ma and continue to master sacret practices in the lineage of Maha Kundalini yoga.
She believes that all desires need to be realized or dissolved during the yoga practice and life time in oder to free our selfs for quality perception of reality.

Andrea Alborno

Andrea Alborno practices Yoga since 1981, having learned the discipline with an Indian master George Dharmarama. In 1990 he started teaching Yoga at André Van Lysebeth’s school (a pioneer of Yoga in Europe and co-founder of the European Union of Yoga).
He was on probation at the FNEY of Paris under the supervision of Patrick Tomatis, used to teach at a Soufi teacher Babacar Khane’s school (Indian, Chinese and Egyptian yoga), 12 years followed the teaching of a buddhist vietnamese master Thich Nath Hanh. He continues his Yoga journey every day and at present is following the teaching of Tantra of Cachemire and Yoga of senses.

Annick Meffre

Annick had her first introduction with the state of yoga during her practice of synchronized swimming at the young age of 11 and began her yoga and Qi Qong practice at 16 years old as a tool to alleviate her stress from school.
During the last 17 years, following the lineage of Krishamasharya through her mentor, Annie Join (guided by Gerard Biltz), Annick became a certified yoga teacher, deepening and expanding her education of different styles of yoga and mediation, while living and travelling to India, Thailand, Nepal, Canada and many other countries.
Established as a massage therapist and yoga instructor between Monaco and Chamonix since 2003, Annick’s knowledge and intuition for the anatomy and movement add a sensitive and secure approach to her classes. Her love to explore mountain activities (such as rock climbing, skiing, hiking, mountaineering) led her to develop a strengthening and deep yoga practice, through a flow class, and incorporates both gentle and dynamic postures where classes are adapted to different levels of fitness as physical condition.
Meditation is key along her practice as Annick’s approach goes beyond the physical. She guides her students to delve deeper into the breath and to experience “embodied presence.” Through ‘Harmony Yoga’, Annick invites you to a warm, playful, creative yet physical practice where her presence helps students become their own guides by observing and feeling an authentic and unique experience of body/mind and breath.
Her classes are a safe place to connect more profoundly, to know ourselves better and to enhance the quality of our life.

Careen Cassir

Careen is practicing yoga for more than 15 years. Through her passion for the practice she became a certified Yoga Alliance teacher and was inspired to take several teacher trainings with Manju Jois, Bryan Kest, Christiane Wolff and Sarah Powers. Inspired by different styles, she incorporates those into her yoga classes, a soft, dynamic and strengthening practice. She invites students to check into the body and move into space created by the breath. The practice creates an opportunity to deepen physical and emotional ease.
For the love of yoga Careen teaches also toddlers, children and teens, at the studio as well as in local schools. She trained with Mini Me Yoga, Y.O.G.A. for YOUTH and AMT (l’Académie de la pleine conscience). Her classes are fun and filled with animals and exciting adventures, her students are encouraged to work at their own level and take responsibility for their own well-being.

The practice of yoga is a practice of life!

Cathy Brown

Cathy began her yoga practice almost 30 years ago & has been a yoga teacher for more than a decade having originally trained at Shivananda Yoga Vedanta, where she was blessed to study with Swami Vishnudevananda. She is dedicated to making her classes available to all levels, regardless of physical ability. Using a variety of styles she aims to provide a practice that cultivates strength, balance, and flexibility – in harmony with the breath. A former professional dancer she also brings her unique gifts as a professional singer to the Mantras she sings during the final relaxation at the end of each class.
Every month around the time of the Full Moon Cathy prepares a special class, designed to calm the mind and emotions and ground and open the body, leading to a deep sense of peace at this special time of lunar energy. Information on the significance of each Full Moon is shared, be it astrological, astronomical or from different traditions & indigenous sources. There is also an extended guided relaxation at the end of these classes, including a meditation. Plus of course her signature chanting of specifically chosen Sanskrit chants to enhance the experience, soothe frayed nerves & calm the mind. Cathy’s classes are in English and French.

Eva Miklosová

Eva is a certified Ashtanga yoga instructor. Until the age of 23, she couldn't do any sports nor exercises due a heart defect she was born with (Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome). Feeling weak, stiff and frustrated, her life changed completely after surgery in 2008. Through yoga practice, her body, mind and soul have been transformed. She studied in Europe, as well as in India and Thailand with great masters and teachers such as Danny Paradise, David Swenson, Govinda Kai, Kamal Singh, Jaroslav Pávek and Padma Nair.
Her teaching focuses on the Primary Ashtanga series, her goal is to help students to develop a safe and pain-free practice. Practice with Eva and feel the powerful and healing energy.

Ilona Engelbrecht

Ilona is a highly experienced teacher who first started as a ballet teacher through out the world after getting her diploma at the Royal High School of Arts in Stockholm in the early 70’s. After having 3 children, she finally settles down in Monaco more than 30 years ago and teaches multiple fields such as aerobics, shiatsu, and still some ballet.
Asian disciplines in general have always been a passion, and she has gone through different courses throughout the years to be able to teach Chinese Gymnastics.
Her background as a ballet teacher gives her a complete comprehension and knowledge of the human body and she will always correct and guide each student for the best.

Josep Doria

Josep started his yoga journey in Rishikesh, India, 2007.
After traveling around the world for many years on bicycle and suffering from scoliosis and back pain he found a cure in yoga .Josep started to practice Ashtanga yoga and later he was introduce to Iyengar yoga. From that moment he decided to devote himself to the practice and that has become a way of living. He was living in India for about 3 years.
Josep believes that yoga is one, and we can’t define it by different names. The way of practice can be different from one person to another, according to their needs, but the essence is the same...
Josep is living in Nice and studying with Christian Pisano and June Witthaker and is going regularly to India for further studies with the Iyengar family.

Karine Barbeau

Karine is trained in the tradition of the Bihar School of yoga. As yoga changed her body and mind and life, she underwent a 4-year-long teacher training in Paris, following the Satyananda tradition. She was blessed to receive the teachings of masters such as Swami Niranjananda and Swami Satsangi in north India, and to experience ashram life. She loves sharing Indian music, mantras and meditation. She then went on to discover vinyasa yoga with Emma Warmington in Thailand. Even as a 2nd-level certified Alliance Yoga teacher, she keeps learning every day… She also holds a degree in psychology as well as being a traveller and rock-climber. She has led hiking-and-yoga retreats in the Moroccan desert. Very open-minded whilst respectful of ancient teachings in her practice, she offers you the space to be yourself, to cultivate awareness and develop your own qualities. She gives traditional hatha yoga classes and individual coaching sessions based on a mix of yoga and psychology.

Nathalie Levy Keusseoglou

Nathalie was immersed into yoga and meditation at a very young age observing her grandfather who dedicated his life to the practice. Certified with Yoga Works (Yoga Aliance registered) and the Insight Yoga Institute, she has studied Iyengar, Ashtanga, Yin and various forms of Hatha yoga. She merges her profound interest and enquiry in Buddhist practices with western psycho-analytical techniques. An eternal student, Nathalie has travelled around the world to practice and retreat with gifted teachers. She collaborates closely with the Insight Yoga Institute where she is an endorsed teacher and mentor (more information here). Her practice holds the integration of mindfulness with yin and yang practice and has a holistic approach to healing and wellbeing.

Noa Marchand

Noa started her yoga journey in 2004. At first she practiced Ashtanga yoga and became a certified Ashtanga yoga teacher. At the same time she got qualified as a Pilates teacher.
Her love and devotion to yoga brought her to India in 2007 for the first time. There she met her first Iyengar yoga Teacher, Usha Devi from Rishikesh. She was her regular student for several years. In 2011 she got her first Iyengar yoga certificate in Israel. She was teaching in Tel Aviv four years and assisting in Therapeutic classes of senior Iyengar teachers. In 2013 she got her second Iyengar certificate. In the same year she finished her studies at the Tel Aviv University, specializing in Indian philosophy and Sanskrit.
She moved to France in 2014 in order to study with Christian Pisano and June Whittaker Pisano. Noa is going regularly to India for further studies with the Iyengar family.
“I believe yoga cannot be expressed by words, it has to be experienced. I believe everyone can do yoga and benefit from it.”

Yoann Roch

Yoann was introduced to Martial Arts 25 years ago through Judo. Soon he walked his path to competition arenas and entered the High Level structure (Pôle Espoir REIMS, France STRASBOURG Pole) and the INSEP (National Institute of Sport, Expertise and Performance).
At the same time Yoann was studying Personal Development techniques for many years.
He received his teaching degree in PILATES (SCHOOL BODY PILATES) and studied YOGA in a SIVANANDA Yoga Center.
It is also through his profession of an actor that he fulfills his teachings with the art of self-expression and respect for the movement.
It is in the values ​​and philosophy of the traditional Martial Arts that Yoann offers you different activities in the YOGA SHALA studio.