Sacred Feminine

“To know oneself as an embodiment of the divine is to gain access to the ultimate source of spiritual authority within...
Women must discover the divine female essence within themselves. This should inspire self-respect, confidence, and the “divine pride” that is necessary.

...Divine pride, or remembering one's ultimate identity as deity, is qualitatively different from arrogance, for it is not motivated by a sense of deficiency or compensatory self-aggrandisement...
When a woman reclaims her divine identity, she does not seek outer sources of approval, for a firm, unshakable basis for self-esteem emanates from the depths of her own being.”

Miranda Shaw, from Passionate Enlightenment.

The Divine Feminine is pregnant
with birthing a new world,
a balanced world between
the feminine and the masculine,
deeply rooted in Mother Earth,
the Great Mother within us all
and in all there is.

SHE who creates us.
SHE who births us.
SHE who nourishes us.
SHE who provides for us.
SHE who teaches us.
SHE who guides us.
SHE who takes us back.
SHE who transforms us.
SHE who forgives us.
SHE who loves us.

SHE who is the Womb of the World,
the Eternal Divine Mother,
SHE who IS.

May We always honour HER
and thus Life SHE creates
within us all and in all there is.

© AnuMa

Sacred Feminine Immersion

We are creating a Sanctuary
Where Women may return to Source
To reconnect consciously from within their Bodies
To come home to their inner and outer Temple.

It is a Return to the Goddess,
To Our Temple
To Our Body,
to Our Holy Body Temple,
So infused of deep inner knowing,
Love & Wisdom,
Power & Creativity,
Wildness & Fierceness,
Passion & Compassion,
Ecstasy & Joy,
Healing & Holiness
arising directly from deep within
Our Womb,
Our inner Sanctuary and Refuge,
Our inner Centre and Well of Creation.

Our Divine Feminine Soul is longing
For reawakening and rebirthing
For honouring and worshipping
Our deepest treasure within :
The conscious Reconnection of
Our Yoni, Womb, Heart and Soul.

© AnuMa

"The Sacred Feminine is calling from deep within. Listen ... Can you hear Her ?

She came here to be.

Reclaiming her Divine Soul and Holy Body.

Rediscovering who she truly is.

Feeling the Divine Mother's kiss.

Come closer from within.

Time is ripe for us to begin.

© AnuMa