"The shala has helped me through the dedicated teachers, their teachings/workshops to know and understand myself better, to deal and appreciate my shadows and the light that I have in me , to heal, to love more and to be more compassionate towards me and other people and last but not less important is that I feel good after every single class even when my darkest side is pouring out, these are my reasons why I go back time to time to the yoga shala monaco."

"Yoga is something very personal and private to me. It’s my special moment. During my practice I get in touch with my breath and with my body. I just listen and feel.
Daily life runs way to quickly and on my mat I just shut down the external world and get into my world.
Yoga helps me to find my human dimension again, with my littleness and my fragilities. It helps me to refocus on the big picture and finally see the world and life as it is.
I like to compare the feeling to the sensation you have in front of a Monet painting.
Looking at it too close has no real meaning, but as soon as you step back and look at it from a certain distance, then you realize the beauty...
Yoga Shala is like a sangha to me where I can practice my spiritual credo.
I like the variety of teachers, people from everywhere, with different life stories, backgrounds and styles…all reunited to practice, to share and to exchange with generosity and love.
I love the universality and freedom of this group.
My eager to learn and understand more brought me to look for a training course and finally in October I will start a new adventure."

"Yoga Shala’s teachers are concerned, care and share … We are not just attending a course… We are experimenting a moment together… The teachers seem to feel and know what we need, what we came for…. it is a very special attention that we all benefit from. I am very grateful to their involvement and generosity from the heart."